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Construction Services

ADM Telecom provides solutions for creating and upgrading of local office networks, as well as distribution networks in large buildings and enterprise premises to meet the needs of your telecommunications project.

We offer a full range of design and construction services, including cabling, installation of equipment, wireless networks and other telecom equipment.

Our in-depth local knowledge of the Russian market enables us to support international clients with offices in Russia or who are looking to enter Russian and neighbouring markets.

Design and Construction Services

  • Technical surveys, analysis of existing cableways, distribution and local networks, audit of equipment, traffic and software
  • Development of communications systems for complex projects, server rooms, office local and distribution networks, video surveillance systems, access systems and security alarm systems
  • Managing tenders and the selection of equipment suppliers, materials and software on behalf of our Clients
  • Cabling and construction of distribution networks within buildings and premises
  • Installation of equipment and communication systems, video surveillance, access control and alarm systems
  • Setup of central server rooms, distribution frames, installation of network equipment and workstations
  • Installation of channel equipment, antennas and other trunk equipment and wireless communication facilities
  • Maintenance and support for equipment and networks.

Comprehensive and secure end-to-end telecommunications services for your organisation

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