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DDOS Mitigation

DDOS Security provides a complete, fully integrated platform based on powerful distributed traffic filtering system, which enables our customers to withstand practically any DDoS attack. The Traffic Filtering System incorporated into the DDOS prevention solution consists of geographically distributed, high-performance “traffic cleaning” Centres, which do not depend on any specific provider or resource what prevents all components from simultaneously failing for whatever reason.

  • Detects attacks by using sensors deployed in close proximity to a protected resource, which enables immediate reaction to any deviation of traffic.
  • Detects “parasitic” traffic of attack based upon statistical, static, behavioural and signature methods of traffic filtering, which helps to protect resources from highly sophisticated attacks that have already penetrated other levels of protection, including low-rate attacks.
  • 24-7 support by a team of professionals who have already spent years working on issues related to DDoS attack prevention.
  • Can be implemented either in advance to prevent potential attacks or after an attack has already begun. After an attack, our experts can prepare a complete packet of documents to turn over to law enforcement agencies.

Comprehensive and secure end-to-end telecommunications services for your organisation

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