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Multi-Device Security

Multi-Device Security protects all end-user devices with only one security license.

  • Whichever device the client uses when banking, shopping, surfing or social networking online, the Internet holds the same security risks – including malware infections, cybercrime and phishing.
  • Provides one easy-to-use  licence and a multi-platform security solution that protects virtually any combination of PCs, Macs, iOs and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Improved transaction protection allows shopping, banking and paying on customers devices. Built-in web protection means that every site visited on a PC, smartphone, tablet or Mac is checked to make sure it is safe and free of malware.
  • Multi-Device Security includes Parental Controls, which helps children to get the best the Internet has to offer, while protecting them from the worst.
  • Other possibilities are blocking malicious mobile sites and text messages, finding client’s device on Google Maps if it is lost, and remotely erasing data if a smartphone or tablet is stolen.
  • All software, no matter which operating system it runs on, is optimized to offer the customer the protection he needs without slowing down the device.
  • Multi-Device Security is optimised for each device, offering flexible protection as it allows to ‘mix and match’ security to fit any combination of devices. Multi-Device Security offers real time protection against all new and emerging malware and Internet threats and incorporated anti-theft protection to secure client’s data if the smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen.
  • Multi-Device Security offers a free Safe Browser for iOS, which helps to protect client’s devices against phishing websites and malicious links when using iPhone and iPad.

Comprehensive and secure end-to-end telecommunications services for your organisation

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