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Construction Services

ADM Telecom provides solutions for creating and upgrading of local office networks, as well as distribution networks in large buildings and enterprise premises to meet the needs of your telecommunications project.

We offer a full range of design and construction services, including cabling, installation of equipment, wireless networks and other telecom equipment.

Our in-depth local knowledge of the Russian market enables us to support international clients with offices in Russia or who are looking to enter Russian and neighbouring markets.

Design and Construction Services

  • Technical surveys, analysis of existing cableways, distribution and local networks, audit of equipment, traffic and software
  • Development of communications systems for complex projects, server rooms, office local and distribution networks, video surveillance systems, access systems and security alarm systems
  • Managing tenders and the selection of equipment suppliers, materials and software on behalf of our Clients
  • Cabling and construction of distribution networks within buildings and premises
  • Installation of equipment and communication systems, video surveillance, access control and alarm systems
  • Setup of central server rooms, distribution frames, installation of network equipment and workstations
  • Installation of channel equipment, antennas and other trunk equipment and wireless communication facilities
  • Maintenance and support for equipment and networks.

Security Management Centre

The Security Management Centre provides Integration of all solutions into a unique unified management console. The solution provides administrators with the ability to manage the security of virtual, physical and mobile corporate resources from a single management console.

  • Automatically recognizes the device and device type and supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Novell, Linux, MAC, Exchange, Lotus Notes and Legacy Netware environments.
  • Simple to use Management Console, reduces administrative overhead and the need for in-depth training and offers easy deployment protection across the environment.

DDOS Mitigation

DDOS Security provides a complete, fully integrated platform based on powerful distributed traffic filtering system, which enables our customers to withstand practically any DDoS attack. The Traffic Filtering System incorporated into the DDOS prevention solution consists of geographically distributed, high-performance “traffic cleaning” Centres, which do not depend on any specific provider or resource what prevents all components from simultaneously failing for whatever reason.

  • Detects attacks by using sensors deployed in close proximity to a protected resource, which enables immediate reaction to any deviation of traffic.
  • Detects “parasitic” traffic of attack based upon statistical, static, behavioural and signature methods of traffic filtering, which helps to protect resources from highly sophisticated attacks that have already penetrated other levels of protection, including low-rate attacks.
  • 24-7 support by a team of professionals who have already spent years working on issues related to DDoS attack prevention.
  • Can be implemented either in advance to prevent potential attacks or after an attack has already begun. After an attack, our experts can prepare a complete packet of documents to turn over to law enforcement agencies.

Multi-Device Security

Multi-Device Security protects all end-user devices with only one security license.

  • Whichever device the client uses when banking, shopping, surfing or social networking online, the Internet holds the same security risks – including malware infections, cybercrime and phishing.
  • Provides one easy-to-use  licence and a multi-platform security solution that protects virtually any combination of PCs, Macs, iOs and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Improved transaction protection allows shopping, banking and paying on customers devices. Built-in web protection means that every site visited on a PC, smartphone, tablet or Mac is checked to make sure it is safe and free of malware.
  • Multi-Device Security includes Parental Controls, which helps children to get the best the Internet has to offer, while protecting them from the worst.
  • Other possibilities are blocking malicious mobile sites and text messages, finding client’s device on Google Maps if it is lost, and remotely erasing data if a smartphone or tablet is stolen.
  • All software, no matter which operating system it runs on, is optimized to offer the customer the protection he needs without slowing down the device.
  • Multi-Device Security is optimised for each device, offering flexible protection as it allows to ‘mix and match’ security to fit any combination of devices. Multi-Device Security offers real time protection against all new and emerging malware and Internet threats and incorporated anti-theft protection to secure client’s data if the smartphone or tablet is lost or stolen.
  • Multi-Device Security offers a free Safe Browser for iOS, which helps to protect client’s devices against phishing websites and malicious links when using iPhone and iPad.

Security for Virtualization

Security for Virtualization is a solution for virtual machines that helps businesses maintain high virtualization density and high performance and increase return on investment.  Traditional agent-based antivirus software may provide robust protection, but at a steep cost as it is loaded on each server partition running on the virtual machine, thus requiring increased system resource that affects memory pools, storage, CPU utilisation and overall performance of the server, resulting in the poorer performance of the whole system.


  • Instead of running a separate security agent on every virtual machine, our customers have the better option to set up one Security for Virtualization, which offers a far more efficient way to protect any virtualized environment and reduce the load on serverprocessors, memory, storage and I/O, greatly increasing performance of the server and number of virtual machines, thus boosting your return on investment.
  • An Anti-malware engine combines signature-based, proactive and cloud-assisted technologies to deliver superior detection rates, including protection against zero-day threats, and protects Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen and VMware environments by a single virtual appliance on each virtual host and tiny agents installed on each virtual machine.
  • Full integration with Security Management Centre. The unified administration console of Security Management Centre allows IT team to manage the security of all virtual machines, plus all other virtual, physical and mobile security applications the customer is running in his network.
  • Security for Virtualization is ideal for data centres, which are running a combination of different hypervisors.

Comprehensive and secure end-to-end telecommunications services for your organisation

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