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Integration Services

Our integration solutions enable customers to optimise the costs of ownership of IT infrastructure, improve the efficiency and speed of key decision-making, and are applicable to large and medium-sized companies operating in different industries and markets.

Using the years of experience gained by the ADM Telecom team while working in the telecommunications industry, our company provides a turnkey package of consulting and system integration services in UK, Europe, Israel, Turkey, United States, Russia and other countries.  

Our specialisation in telecommunications in Russia and other Eastern Europe markets enables us to support international clients with offices in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, or who are looking to enter neighbouring markets.


Our services include:

  • Analysis and research - Market research on the implementation and consumption of telecommunications services
  • Audit and consulting - Technical and financial expertise of projects, contracts and services, managing tenders, selection of equipment suppliers for our Clients, audit of networks
  • Development of projects - for provisioning of integrated services, analysis of the application of various technologies for enterprises, offices and business centres
  • Construction – creation of full-scale telecommunications networks in large facilities and office centres, with the integration of cable and wireless networks into a single network
  • Corporate networks - Integration of Client's telecom nodes and IT infrastructure, located in remote cities and countries, into a corporate data transmission network
  • Facilities management - Design, installation and maintenance of enterprise facilities management systems, ‘smart home’ and ‘smart office’ systems, and implementation of hotel automation systems
  • Content - Media projects relating to the transfer of media content and television programs, including the implementation of VSAT networks
  • Software - Development and installation of specialised software
  • Cyber security - Security for virtualisation, DDOS mitigation, mobile security and corporate security
  • Protection and backup - disaster recovery solutions and services for the Client’s data
  • Telecom for financial sector - Services and networking solutions for financial and banking sectors, brokerage, exchange and financial trading, including interconnecting with global financial centres, liquidity providers, market data providers, SWIFT transaction systems and other financial market instruments
  • QOS - Quality control solutions for telecommunications services provided by telecommunications operators, according to their SLA (Service Level Agreement)


ADM Telecom provides legal support and maintenance of Client communication facilities and equipment. We resolve issues relating to obtaining the necessary local licenses for the operation of these facilities.

Comprehensive and secure end-to-end telecommunications services for your organisation

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