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Future-Proofing your Solutions

ADM Telecom design and implement solutions that are based on the latest technology and products from leading manufacturers and equipment suppliers. This guarantees reliable operation of the network, and enables its future modernisation. Networks designed by ADM Telecom have important characteristics that are necessary for future development:

  • Scalability — the ability to easily increase capacity in the future
  • Redundancy and Failover  — creation of reserve capacity enables seamless failover to  backup systems in the event of a system failure
  • Return on Investment (ROI) — benefit from saving on investments through easy upgrades and replacement to equipment in the future.


In addition to traditional local networks, ADM Telecom builds converged, multi-server networks, and unifies remote offices through the use of international data transmission networks. Each solution developed by ADM Telecom is individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the Client.

One of the important activities of ADM Telecom is laying cables and construction of distribution networks in large buildings, factories and residential areas. This installation is based on the use of modern technologies via optical cables and wireless access facilities.


We currently consult on and manage projects for a wide variety of Clients, including construction and management companies, banks, telecom operators and developers of residential complexes.


“ADM Telecom have a good reputation in the market for their telecom integration solutions. We’ve used them in the past for end-to-end network and VPN installations”

Director, Financial organisation

Comprehensive and secure end-to-end telecommunications services for your organisation

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